Since 2002 alongside professionals


Pegaso stampi was founded in 2002 by professionals in the sector of prefabrication of concrete elements for construction, street furniture and the production of related systems.

Thanks to the founders' many years of technical experience and the international diffusion of its partners, Pegaso Stampi has managed to earn the trust of professionals, acquiring a solid position on a global level.

The international diffusion of the molds is based on a widespread network of Agents, Resellers and other Partners, who guarantee the necessary assistance to the customer during the purchase and after-sales phases.

Years of experience
International presence
Manufactured goods
Voted for innovation

Molds made with advanced technology

To date, Pegaso Stampi happily exports its products to five continents.

The use of modern design tools has made it possible to configure production with a strong innovative vocation. Currently, each new mold is also dynamically simulated on parametric solid modeling systems.

The solid models of the molds are processed with CAM systems for the automatic execution of the processes. An MRP system plans every operation to ensure delivery times are met. Each mold is checked for hardness values ​​and dimensional correspondence with the use of advanced metrological systems.

Using the best steels and heat treatments, we guarantee a high quality standard with the use of fully automatic production machines.